Everyone knows great businesses

adventur.es Scout Network

Everyone knows great businesses and we’d like to know them too.

Adventur.es was built on friends referring friends who become our friends and refer their friends. That’s how our best deals and most of our colleagues came to be.

Some people (you know who you are) are so generous with their introductions that they blur the lines with adventur.es. If you hear them talk, you’d expect they had worked with us for years. And while we always say thank you, send a note of gratitude, and usually a nice little gift, it got us thinking... What if we brought down the wall of full-time employment with adventur.es, allowing anyone to contribute and share in the fruits of their work?

The Scout Network was born. Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up for the Scout Network below

  2. Refer a deal to the adventur.es deal team

  3. If we close the deal, we’ll send you a Big Check

*Big Check: $100,000 + $25,000 Adventure of a Lifetime Vacation

As a Scout, we want to get to know you, help you learn, and have fun together finding great businesses. In addition to sharing in the fruits of successful introductions, you will also get:

  • Deal Coaching: Your Coach can answer questions, advise on specific opportunities, and bring you up to speed on what we’re looking for at adventur.es.

  • Events and Training: You’ll be invited to events, dinners, and Q&As with the adventur.es staff, and offered opportunities to learn more about what we do and how we do it.

  • Gear: Who doesn’t like swag?

Help your friends become our friends. Sharpen your skills. Get coached on deals. Supplement your income. And, potentially, launch your career.

We hope you join us in finding great businesses.

If you are a Scout and want to submit a deal, click here to get started.

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When speaking to business owners and/or their advisors as part of the Scout Program, I will not represent that I am an employee, associate, or representative of adventur.es. I acknowledge that I do not have the legal authority to bind adventur.es or its affiliates to contractual agreements of any kind, and will not represent to anyone that I have such authority