we pledge the following to anyone who
reaches out to us about an opportunity. 

If you reach out to adventur.es, we will abide by the following in all interactions.

  1. We pledge to keep all your information strictly confidential.

  2. We pledge to respond thoughtfully to you within 72 hours.

  3. We pledge not to waste your time, or ours.

  4. We pledge to never contact your employees, vendors or customers without your written permission.

  5. We pledge to use information you provide exclusively for consideration in investing in the company.

  6. We pledge to give you honest and transparent feedback on our interest in the company.

  7. We pledge to set your expectations about our likelihood of investing in the company and valuation ballpark as soon as we have enough information to do so.

  8. We pledge to explain every step of the process in plain English and in as much detail as you’d like.

  9. We pledge to answer any and all questions honestly and thoroughly.

  10. We pledge to meet any deadlines we set with you or your team.

If adventur.es is interested in investing in the company, we also agree to abide by the following.

  1. We pledge to only make a detailed offer if we intend to follow through and close.

  2. We pledge to only make an offer that we have the financial capacity to responsibly fulfill.

  3. We pledge to present a fair offer, the components of which are clearly outlined, that should lead to a win-win relationship.

  4. We pledge not to rush you, but also to never be the cause of delays.

If adventur.es invests in the company, we will abide by the following.

  1. We pledge only to invest in the company if we can hold it long-term; we will not “flip” the company.

  2. We pledge to respect the legacy of the company’s founders and existing ownership, and foster a culture that makes employees happy to continue working there.

  3. We pledge to be "human" partners and not just communicate in spreadsheets.

  4. We pledge to be available and supportive in boom times and lean times.

  5. We pledge to help where we can be helpful, and otherwise trust and support the leadership team.