Our Home


A strong family is built upon a strong foundation - both figuratively and literally. For adventur.es, our physical home is the 19th Century Elkins House in beautiful downtown Columbia, Missouri. 

The Victorian-style home was built in 1882 for Samuel and Isabel Elkins. The house has had ties to investing and business from the start; Mr. Elkins was a venture capitalist and entrepreneur, and later served as the city's postmaster. 

Over the course of seven months, the house was renovated to provide adventur.es with a permanent home, serving as our daily workplace, a gathering space for events and discussions, and also, with a studio and an apartment attached, a place to stay when guests come to town. 

If you are ever in Columbia, we invite you to visit us on Tenth Street. 

A Brief Tour

A Shady Porch for Good Conversation

A Room for Playing Monopoly, Spark, and Other Games

adventures' Library

House Rule #1: There Are Never Enough Books,
Nor Places To Read Them.


House Rule #2: Never Go Thirsty.

Spaces for Guests

Why We Love Working in Columbia, Mo