We look for family-owned companies with consistent annual pre-tax net earnings between $1 million and $10 million, and two or more of the following characteristics:

Stable & Diversified Client Base

Healthy Layer of Non-Owner Management

Closely Held Ownership Looking to Retire

Quality Brand Name/Strong Reputation

Established Niche Expertise


If these criteria fit your organization, please introduce yourself to us.

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OUR Work

Our role varies depending on needs, team and state of growth. In addition to providing capital for expansion, our specializations include: 

Financial Systems & Compliance

Accurate and actionable information is crucial for good decision-making. We help create reporting systems that provide company leadership with the right key performance indicators.   

Marketing & Lead Generation

With backgrounds in advertising, media and online sales, we're familiar with marketing best practices that ensure customers find and buy. 


We help leadership evaluate technology needs and applications, as well as the proper implementation. 

Network of Specialists and Experts

This isn't our first rodeo, so we know a few people across industries and disciplines. We frequently make connections when needs arise.