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Instant Appraisal is a proprietary software system that helps understand a company, assess risks, and ultimately arrive at a valuation range. You can use it to gain insight on how a buyer like us considers a company for investment.

Instant Appraisal uses risk-weighted inputs on the structure, operations, and historical performance of a company to provide the valuation range. It will be most useful for companies with $2 million to $15 million in net owner earnings. The valuation outcome is a range, is accompanied by typical deal structures, and is provided instantaneously upon clicking "Calculate" (as long as all necessary fields are complete).

This tool is not meant to replace discussions. Structuring a deal is about far more than what can be put into a spreadsheet. But it's a decent start for matching general financial expectations and initiating productive conversations.

The Instant Appraisal tool is free to use. Any information entered is captured in accordance with our non-disclosure terms and kept confidential. Information will never be shared with outside parties.

To learn more about how and why we created the tool read, “Introducing Instant Appraisal."

If you would like to discuss the business appraised, please contact us directly here.

Not Mobile Friendly: Unfortunately, this is one of the few pages on our site that will not work from a mobile device. We know, it’s annoying. The application is best viewed on a laptop, desktop, or large format tablet.

Note: We will not contact you or any other group based on your use of Instant Appraisal .