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Immediate Career Opportunities

Experienced Operators: To properly transition most companies, outside leadership is required. Currently we don’t pursue these opportunities, choosing to focus on organizations with multiple layers of solid management in place. While this strategy has served us well and we plan to continue on that path, we often find great companies that are lacking non-owner leadership. Ideally, we’d like to build long-term relationships with operators looking for their next role.

Young, Humble, Hungry Operators: The best young talent is offered a big city lifestyle, high base pay, and a corporate association that will make you impressive at a bar. It also comes with slavish hours, high stress, and an outrageous cost of living. We can’t offer you any of that. What our portfolio companies offer is fair compensation, a supportive environment for professional and personal growth, the mentorship of experienced leaders, and an endless stream of opportunities to step up into more responsibility. For example, our youngest company leader recently turned 29.

Tax/Finance Attorney: We’d like to bring on an attorney with a strong financial background to help with deal structure, due diligence, and portfolio company consulting.



Our biggest challenge is finding exceptional people. Whether you're interested in making a move this year or in five years, we would enjoy the opportunity to get to know you and your plans for the future. Any correspondence with us is completely confidential. 

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