Selling Your Business In A World Of Imperfect Buyers


We’re writing a book. Well actually, we’ve written a book, and re-written it, and continue to re-write it.
Hopefully this year, we’ll quit tinkering around and publish the darn thing. When we do, we’d love to let you know.


The inescapable fact is that sooner or later every business must be transitioned, in one way or another. It’s an unavoidable part of life and one that usually carries with it an unfortunate amount of stress, anxiety, and frustration.

Talking with hundreds of business owners, I noticed that many of the same questions, concerns, and thought patterns kept repeating, which makes sense. Just as all businesses share many commonalities, sellers of those business will have similar experiences, with differences in personality, motivation, and situation driving the nuance.

This book is the accumulation of those conversations - thousands of hours discussing the details. 

One goal is to help sellers, the families of sellers, sellers’ advisors, and company leadership to understand the messy marketplace of imperfect buyers. Selfishly, by articulating my perspective and the philosophy of, I hope this can scale the number and depth of my personal conversations. This is (almost) everything I’d want to discuss in the first five hours with a seller.

My hope is that you walk away from this book better prepared, understand the vantage points of everyone involved, and see how you and your company could transition through a transaction with an outside investor. 


Brent Beshore

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Chapter list

Motivations & Outcomes
Deal Killers
Stakeholder Discussions
Types of Sales
Types of Buyers
Role of Advisors
Financial Structures
The Process

The Negotiation
Fees & Costs
Telling Your People
The New Normal
Conflict Resolution
Seller's Remorse
Jargon Glossary
Shorthand Abbreviation Reference
Due Diligence Details