So many opportunities. So little time.

This issue makes investment bankers and business brokers critical to effective M&A, especially in allowing us as investors to initially evaluate opportunities and determine whether to dive in and learn more. Teasers give us a quick snapshot. Books help us understand the situation. The investment banker herself provides great human insight into owners, operations, and opportunity.

At, we’ve had the pleasure to work with many investment bankers that do an excellent job guiding momentum, keeping everyone organized, encouraging over-communication, and moving us all in the right direction as we evaluate an opportunity’s potential fit and, in a few cases, pursue it further.

However, we’ve also worked with investment bankers that, to put it frankly, have frustrated us to the point that we don’t want to pursue an opportunity — even a seemingly perfect fit — because the idea of continuing the process with them would require too much effort, patience, or both.

Here are four approaches we’ve categorized from these frustrating encounters that we would like to offer up. The majority of investment bankers and business brokers will likely read these and laugh, knowing they would never take such an approach. But, if you find yourself feeling offended, we hope you’ll consider it constructive feedback, which you can either take under consideration — or completely disregard.

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