About Our Firm

Adventur.es invests in North American companies
with owner earnings of $2.5M-14M/year. 

At adventur.es, we believe boring is beautiful. Boring businesses are mature and steady, consistently helping their customers and contributing to their communities. We partner with existing ownership looking toward retirement and/or expansion. 

These companies have a rich history and are usually family-owned, with a durable market position, a longstanding customer base, and reliable internal operations. Enabled by these strengths, the existing ownership is making $2.5 million to $14 million in “owner earnings” each year, meaning cash left over after all expenses have been paid and necessary reinvestments have been made. 

Adventur.es partners with owners to form a plan for the future, which may involve adventur.es buying the company outright, or by forming a new partnership with some, or all, of existing ownership staying involved. 

Who We Are

Simple Capital Structure
We are currently investing Permanent Equity I, a $50 million committed capital fund. Little to no debt is utilized in transactions. 

People as a Priority
We have a strict “no assholes” policy, which allows for transparent communications, little drama, and no politics. 

We’re (almost) always available to advise, assist, or consult with our companies’ leadership. We want to help if we can be helpful. Our communication frequency ranges from day-to-day in challenging or high-growth times, to quarterly board meetings when the sailing’s smooth. 

Responsibly Modern
With technology backgrounds, we’re neither scared of it, nor obsessed with it. We view technology as an enabling force, when appropriate. It can improve customer service, employee communication, and business processes. Or, it can be a big distraction. 

Intentional Prioritization of Resources
We like to keep things as simple as possible. The adventur.es team is as small as it can be, allowing us to avoid hierarchy and decision paralysis.

We Don’t Play Games
Enough said. 

How We Support Our Portfolio

Our role varies depending on needs, team, and state of growth. In addition to providing financial resources, we provide support through:

Financial Systems & Compliance
We help create reporting systems that provide company leadership with important and actionable information - and better ensure the company stays on top of the ever-changing compliance landscape.

Marketing & Lead Generation
We help to evaluate and, if needed, establish marketing funnels that ensure more customers find the company, building education and trust, and make purchases. 

We help leadership evaluate technology needs and applications, as well as the proper implementation. 

Network of Specialists and Experts
This isn’t our first rodeo, so we know a few people across industries and disciplines. We frequently make connections when needs arise.