is a family of North American companies that invests in family-owned companies with unfair advantages.

For the past nine years we've started, funded, bought, and operated organizations across a wide range of industries. Our companies have recruited doctors for the U.S. military, provided online public relations to some of the world's largest organizations, manufactured cutting-edge home solutions, created software products for small businesses, curated the latest in women's fashion to sell on the internet, and even helped make a couple of blockbuster movies. 

We're always interested in talking to those who may be interested in joining our family. If your organization is exploring a transition of ownership, we encourage you to review our investment criteria, read about our approach, and introduce yourself. If you are an executive considering new opportunities, reach out and let’s chat. 

A Little More Color (Who We Are)

Simple Capital Structure

Our capital source is internal. We pool our companies' profits and redeploy into new opportunities, utilizing very little debt.   

People as a Priority

We have a strict "no assholes" policy, which allows for transparent communications, little drama, and no politics.


We're (almost) always available to advise, assist, or consult with our companies' leadership. We want to help if we can be helpful. Our communication frequency ranges from day-to-day in challenging or high-growth times, to quarterly board meetings when the sailing's smooth.

Responsibly Modern

With technology backgrounds, we're neither scared, nor obsessed with it. We view technology as an enabling force, when appropriate. It can improve customer service, employee communication, and business processes, or it can be a big distraction.

Intentional Prioritization of Resources

We like to keep things as simple as possible. The team is as small as it can be, allowing us to avoid hierarchy, decision paralysis, and certainly boredom. 

We Don't Play Games

Enough said.





Brent founded in 2007 with the goal of creating an organization that allowed him to do what he loved, in places he enjoys, with people he admires. Since then, has made over 50 investments, and was ranked #28 on the 2011 Inc. 500. Brent reads a lot, writes occasionally, dabbles in wine-making, and was nominated for a VH1 Do Something Award for helping his hometown of Joplin, Mo. recover from the devastating tornado.



Having managerial experience in six countries over three continents, her professional expertise lies with strategic growth, flat organization, decentralized decision-making, and empowering organizations. She's Swedish, speaks multiple languages, and has an insatiable appetite for reading. Prior to joining in 2009, she co-founded her first company in 2001, then worked in a franchise operation in Taiwan, and later built sales and operational teams at the fastest-growing real estate company in Sweden.


EMILY HOLDMAN, Vice President

Since joining in 2009, Emily has held several roles across She has previously founded and led several companies across the marketing, media, and technology industries. With a background in strategic communications and economics, Emily leads the initial acquisition process and digs into the marketing/sales plans of portfolio companies.

If you have an investment opportunity that should consider, please email Emily.


Lori Sander, Director of Accounting & Operations

With a seemingly permanent smile on her face, Lori keeps financial data accurate on portfolio companies and oversees operational efficiency and human resources needs. She has previously owned her own company, and held other roles with relevant responsibilities in accounting, benefits administration, property management, and inventory control.  


Graham Lloyd, Special Projects Manager & Corporate Counsel

With a background in law, specializing in intellectual property and corporate governance, and psychology, Graham leads legal research and special internal projects for the firm. Outside of work, he enjoys playing golf and soccer. 


Sarah Shoemaker, Accountant

With previous roles in financial operations, investment management, asset auditing and lending, Sarah leads accounting responsibilities for multiple portfolio companies. When she's not crunching numbers, she's voraciously learning about all kinds of subjects, usually with at least two books in progress at any given time.