A New Neighborhood

Short Version: We're opening our first regional office in, ironically, Columbia, SC.

Who should be on the adventur.es team, and why? This is the question we've constantly asked ourselves. For quite a while, there were five of us. Intentionally lean, we had learning to do and systems to build, and quite a few painful mistakes to make. If you’re not ready to run, speeding up only guarantees lots of cuts and bruises. As the path became clearer, specific skill set and capacity gaps became obvious and we found talented people to fill them.

To date, the team operates under one roof, a yellow Victorian home in downtown Columbia, Missouri that was built in 1882. We love Columbia. It’s a college town where we have zero traffic, lots of outdoor activities, award-winning food, and plenty of quirky entertainment, along with packed sports schedules and an enviable cost of living. If we want more, St. Louis and K.C. are both 90 minute drives, and trips to Dallas, Denver, and Chicago are a short flight away.

As our opportunity set has grown, we have felt the strain of building relationships from a distance. Working with family-owned companies is, and should be, a high touch business. Even the most advanced technology doesn’t come close to replicating in-person conversations, breaking bread, and having each others’ undivided attention. When you’re discussing legacy, people’s livelihoods, and large sums of money, trust isn’t optional. While we travel extensively, and in spite of our best efforts and impressive loyalty points accumulation, we can only get to so many places, so often.

When we found the right person in the right location, we decided to consider a new kind of expansion -- adding a regional office.

If you know anything about college football, and particularly SEC football, you know there’s another Columbia, a college town in South Carolina that puts a southern twist on what our hometown has to offer. And its location gives easy access to places like Atlanta, Raleigh-Durham, Savannah, Charlotte, Jacksonville, Birmingham, and Nashville.

It just so happens that a talented individual we’ve been getting to know over the past couple years lives in the “other Columbia,” shares our values, loves to work with family-owned companies, and has a background in M&A. We are excited to announce that Mills Snell will be joining adventur.es as Vice President and opening an adventur.es office in Columbia, South Carolina. Mills is a native of South Carolina and, while we’ll probably exchange a few competitive words during football season, we look forward to establishing deeper ties in the Southeast.

Mills brings a strong track record in mergers and acquisitions to the adventur.es team. He worked at WHM Capital Advisors, a wealth management and business advisory firm, before co-founding Pendleton Street Advisors in 2013. For the following four years, Mills worked with owners of closely held businesses to create successful transitions.

Columbia, South Carolina, we’re excited to move into the neighborhood! And to the other 27 US cities named Columbia, fair warning: we’re coming.

If you’re based in the Southeast, or know someone we should know in the region, give Mills a shout (Mills at adventur.es).